Long overdue update

Yes, I realize I am a horrible blogger.  I really do start posts in my head all the time if that counts for anything!

Anyway, since my last post, Donghee got his green card!  Yay!!!!  I must say that I’m pretty proud of us for getting through that whole process without a lawyer.  It wasn’t easy.

Also, a good friend of mine is having a baby.  You know what that means… I get to crochet baby things!!  I fell in love with this pattern.  Rather than paying for a pattern, I searched Ravelry.com for free frog hat, lily pad, and flower patterns.  This is how it turned out!

10595944_769122610693_1475000383_n 10622021_769124407093_1436262838_n

I got the bright idea to sew a button on the back of the flower so it can easily be taken off or repositioned.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:)  It should make for some pretty cute pictures when the baby is born!

So, I’ve officially become a DIY-er (thank you pinterest).  Check out my DIY napkin holder.


It’s not the sturdiest thing ever, but it serves it’s function, and I happen to think it turned out really cute!  It also introduced me to wonderfulness that is gold spray paint.  Donghee says everyday he comes home from work, he finds something new that I’ve spray painted gold.  What can I say?  It makes things look so much nicer! 

I also recovered our dining chairs.  I didn’t take a before picture, but it needed to be done.  My grandpa made our dining table and chairs many years ago.  They lived in my parent’s house for a while, moved back to my grandparent’s house, and now they live with us!  The chairs have been recovered too many times to count.  So I bought myself some fabric and a staple gun, and decided to carry on the tradition.


Ignore the messy background.  There’s a reason I didn’t get a picture of the table and all four chairs. 

In other news, I’ve been trying out some new Korean recipes.  My husband is smart enough to always compliment my cooking, but he really raved about both of these.

The first thing I made really for him to take for lunch.  It’s called 소고기 장조림 (Sogogi Jangjorim).  Basically, it is beef and eggs (often in Korea they use quail eggs) in soy sauce.  Donghee actually made this when we were in New Zealand a few times to take for lunch, so when I was trying to think of new things to pack him for lunch, this was one of the first things I thought of.  I didn’t really remember how he made it, so I followed this recipe and video from crazykoreancooking.com.  He said it tasted just like his grandma’s!  I left out all of the ingredients listed as optional, except eggs.  I boiled extra eggs.  I also added more garlic cloves, as Donghee really loves eggs and garlic.  This recipe took some time, but was fairly simple. 

The next recipe I made was this Korean beef bowl, which is similar to bulgogi.  It uses ground beef instead of sirloin, which is usually used for bulgogi.  I followed the recipe except for adding some thinly sliced carrots and mushrooms.  This was super-easy to make, and it received another 5 start rating from the husband! 


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


Between me and my destination

This Weekly Photo Challenge is to show something that is between two things.

When Donghee and I were traveling New Zealand, we didn’t have smart phones or GPS.  We used good, old-fashioned maps to get around.  We were on our way to Waipoua Forest to see NZ’s famous big Kauri trees, and we decided to take what looked like a shortcut on the map.  It turned out to be an almost entirely dirt road and we ended up getting stuck behind this herd of sheep.  The “shortcut” took about an hour longer than it should have, but I think I enjoyed seeing the sheep more than the trees anyway!

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Disney World!

So I mentioned before that I am now working at one of Disney’s waterparks.  That means Donghee and I can go to the parks for free!  While I can go almost any day, there are certain blockout dates that apply to him.  Magic Kingdom has the most blockout dates, but we were finally able to go last Sunday!  My parents took me when I was a kid, but since I don’t remember that, this was like my first time (Donghee’s too).  I was super-excited!  We tried to get there early so we wouldn’t have to wait in too long of lines.  Our plan was to get to the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train first, but the wait was already 90 minutes by the time we got there.  We decided to try that one another day.  We walked right onto Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  I’m not a big roller coaster fan, but Thunder Mountain was pretty mild.  No big drops or going upside down.  We both really liked that one so we did it a couple times.

10501395_752525646143_1836166916_n 10490243_752506534443_1954191312_n

That’s me and Donghee in the back on Splash Mountain.  I’m hiding!

One of my other favorites was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, just because we got to shoot stuff with lasers.  I won:)

10461797_752528515393_1401533356_n 10488847_752535286823_1921359444_n

I even talked Donghee into riding the carousel with me!  Haha


I wanted to stay for the fireworks, but we were starting to get pretty tired.  We were going to leave and come back later that night, but we decided to just save that for another day.

10486870_752564747783_1719552609_n 10379278_752571394463_225176899_n

Here are some Epcot and Animal Kingdom pictures.  We haven’t made it to Hollywood Studios yet.

10276574_744718207313_409739065_n 10346815_744718152423_1954162153_n 10364589_744718322083_2006721299_n 10388400_744718396933_686329113_n 10437143_747595466263_1426947744_n 10396459_747592497213_1971597257_n

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


I love using the weekly photo challenge to show off my wedding photos:)  This is a photo of our first dance as Mr. & Mrs.  I love that our photographer got a photo of us from the loft.  Such a cool angle!

Since it might be kinda cheating to use a photo that I didn’t take for the photo challenge, here are some photos of my apartment in Korea.  Yes, my couch was purple and there is a washing machine in my kitchen, but I would rather have it there than in my bathtub like it was in my first Korea apartment!



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I’m Back!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite a while now, but I’m going to try to start posting more consistently.  Donghee and I just recently moved down to Florida, so we’ve been pretty busy setting up our new life here.  What sparked our decision to move you ask?  Well, NC has always been my home.  I was born and raised there.  But after living all around the world, when I returned to NC, I just started to feel restless, and like I was being held back.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family (all of whom live in NC), but when I was living in other countries, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, and figure things out on my own.  I know Florida is not the same as Korea, but it’s a new place.  It’s just close enough to home for a visit, but far enough away for independence.  Plus I love the hot weather:)

We really had almost no plan when we moved down here.  No jobs lined up, nowhere to live, really didn’t even know where in Florida we were going.  After a couple of weeks of moving around and applying for jobs, we ended up in Orlando.  Donghee found a job at a food distributor company through a friend of his.  Since he got a job in Orlando, I decided that of course I should work for Disney!  I’m actually working at one of the water parks.  Most Disney employees get free admission to the four main parks, but water park employees (or should I say cast members) get free admission to the water parks as well:)  The pay is not that great, and my tan lines are horrible, but I’m still having fun!

We also moved into our first apartment together!  We were living with my family in NC, so we were very happy to finally get a place of our own.  It’s just a studio, but the living area is a nice size.  We are pretty happy here so far.  I’m having lots of fun playing housewife.  I’m always looking up new recipes on pinterest:)  I’m glad I have a husband who will eat almost anything.  I’ve only burned a few things though.  I need to make a cookbook with the successful recipes I try.  Last night was salisbury steak.  I used this recipe.  It was a big hit with the husband and quite easy to make.  I bought almost everything for this recipe at Aldi’s, which is my new favorite store.  Everything is so much cheaper, and I don’t see much difference in quality.  Another recent hit was this baked ziti recipe.  It surprised me when Donghee liked it so much since it has no meat in it, and my husband is not a huge fan of pasta.  We both loved that it had artichokes in it.  The pesto and sour cream layer was super-yummy as well.

While I’m updating on everything, here is my latest crochet project.  20140613-105719-39439495.jpg

My mom requested a new throw for her couch.  I’m using this ripple pattern.  I had hoped to finish it for Mother’s Day, but that didn’t happen.  It’s taking me a while, especially since I haven’t had as much free time, but hopefully I’ll be able to get it to her soon.  My friend is having a baby girl this fall, and I’m already getting super-excited looking at patterns for her as my next project!

Well, that’s all for now folks, but I promise to post again soon!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Page0012_12DLP copy-001IMG_4664When I saw the subject for this week’s photo challenge, I immediately thought of our engagement photos from Korea.  Threshold is defined as that point just before a new beginning.  These photos capture the literal threshold of a door, but they also capture the point just before our new beginning as husband and wife.

Since I obviously did not take these photos, I also chose a few more thresholds from my trip to Prague:)





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


Yet another photo challenge photo from Prague.  What can I say?  It’s a beautiful city!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


I took this photo while walking in a park in Bucheon, South Korea.

P1090142 P1090149

I thought these photos of the Charlotte skyline were interesting.  It almost looks like a reflection in a lake, but they are actually reflecting off the roof of the car where I was resting my camera.  My mom was doing the same, but it almost looks like she’s swimming!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I’m a little behind with this photo challenge. I used our new baby chicks as subjects for the “threes” photo challenge a few weeks ago. They’ve grown a lot since then! Here’s one of the chicks for last week’s “inside” photo challenge.


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Crochet: Casual Summer Top

I finished another project! This one was for me:). Another free pattern I found on ravelry. That website is so addicting!
This pattern was super easy. The hardest part for me was learning how to do the foundation single crochet. I wasn’t getting it from the pattern instructions, but this tutorial explained it really well.
I used Caron Simply Soft in persimmon. It’s not a color I would usually pick, but I like it. It’s kind of a pinky orange.

20140321-155003.jpg (check out my Hello Kittyfied laptop)

Squeaky loves watching me crochet!

This top is meant to be a very loose fitting crop top, but if you want a slightly tighter fit, you can subtract your fsc stitches by multiples of 8. I subtracted 16 stitches from the small size, which still gave it a loose fit that was about perfect. I think this top looks cute over dresses or with something high wasted.

You can find the pattern for this casual summer top here.

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