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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

My dad went fishing over the weekend and came home with 6 baby chicks!  He’d been talking about getting chickens for a while, but we were all surprised when he came through the door with a box of cute little … Continue reading

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Work Permit

Donghee finally got his work permit!!  His EAD card arrived in the mail Friday:)  It’s actually a combo card with permission for advance parole as well.  That means he has permission to travel in and out of the US while … Continue reading

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My American Wedding!

I finally got the pictures from our second wedding, which was on November 9th!  I already shared my Korean wedding with you guys, so now I want to share our American wedding! We wanted to keep it small and intimate.  … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

When I saw the topic for this week’s photo challenge, I immediately thought of my wedding rings. Not only are they a symbol of my marriage and a reminder of the man I love more than anything, but they were … Continue reading

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Poptarts and Pastries!

I found a couple of yummy recipes that I thought I would share with you guys.   I actually planned on making these strawberry nutella poptarts for valentines day, but due to all the snow we got, I wasn’t able … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Donghee and I took this shadow selfie while we were walking along the beach in Byron Bay, Australia.  ❤ This selfie was taken near Palbong Mountain in Korea.  We had planned to visit one of Korea’s most popular mountains, Seoraksan, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

We collected mismatched vintage dishes for our wedding reception.  I chose one of our teacups for this week’s photo challenge:)

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