My American Wedding!


I finally got the pictures from our second wedding, which was on November 9th!  I already shared my Korean wedding with you guys, so now I want to share our American wedding!
We wanted to keep it small and intimate.  We also decided to have it outdoors (of course the original date was in September). I’d always said I could never do an outdoor wedding because it would just be too stressful! But after looking at Pinterest and all the wedding websites, I fell in love with all the pretty outdoor weddings.  So we decided to chance it.

My mom got the idea to rent a house on Lake Norman. The Lodge at Lake Norman is apparently a popular spot for small weddings. It sleeps 18, which was great since Donghee had some family coming from Korea and my MOH was coming from California. We could also have up to 50 people there for the wedding, which was about what we had. The house was absolutely beautiful.


We ended up being lucky with the weather.  Not too cold for November, and no rain!

We took hanbok pictures before the ceremony.  So we actually had two first looks, a hanbok one, and the wedding dress one.  Don’t you just love my shoes?!

Ko_Simpson-0056 Ko_Simpson-0047Ko_Simpson-0143 Ko_Simpson-0127 Ko_Simpson-0091 Ko_Simpson-0218 Ko_Simpson-0228

I was originally looking for a simpler dress, but I fell in love with this one from David’s Bridal.  I wish we could get married a third time so I could wear it again!

Ko_Simpson-0133 Ko_Simpson-0019 Ko_Simpson-0003 Ko_Simpson-0101

Ko-Simpson-0290 Ko-Simpson-0283 Ko-Simpson-0348Ko-Simpson-0297   Ko-Simpson-0308 Ko-Simpson-0321 Ko-Simpson-0326 Ko-Simpson-0347

I didn’t really want to do sand or the unity candle.  We wanted something a little more unique.  We decided to do “love locks.”  After locking them together, we tied the key to the balloons and let them go.  We actually had two keys, but the balloons weren’t strong enough, so we threw the other one in the lake later:)Ko-Simpson-0339 Ko-Simpson-0305  Ko-Simpson-0307 Ko_Simpson-0167

I actually got Costco to do my flowers for really cheap.  I was so happy with how they turned out!

Ko_Simpson-0173  Ko_Simpson-0199

The bridesmaid’s dresses came from David’s Bridal as well.  Donghee brought his suit from Korea, but the groomsmen got their pants and vests from Express.  I love the vest and no jacket look!

Ko_Simpson-0191 Ko_Simpson-0176

Ko-Simpson-0271 Ko-Simpson-0248 Ko_Simpson-0236 Ko-Simpson-0247Ko_Simpson-0074 Ko_Simpson-0156 Ko_Simpson-0160 Ko_Simpson-0168

We decided to move the reception inside after moving the wedding to November.  I’m so glad we did!  We used mismatched vintage dishes and decorated the tables with lace doilies, candles, and teacups filled with pink roses and baby’s breath.

Ko-Simpson-0362 Ko-Simpson-0353Ko-Simpson-0350 Ko-Simpson-0351 Ko-Simpson-0359 Ko-Simpson-0357 Ko-Simpson-0381

We decided to do save money by doing cupcakes (we did mini cupcakes since the big ones are so awkward to eat).  Gigi’s Cupcakes did an awesome job!  We got them to do a six-inch topper cake for us to cut too.

Ko-Simpson-0379 Ko-Simpson-0412 Ko-Simpson-0455Ko-Simpson-0399

Watching Donghee’s mom dance to Gangnam Style was one of the highlights of the night!  haha:)  Even though we were staying the night at the house, I had to have my sparklers fake exit!

Ko-Simpson-0428  Ko-Simpson-0458


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My name is Jennifer. I love to travel. I taught English in Korea for two years, which is where I met my husband, Donghee. We also lived in New Zealand for over a year. Now we are back in the US ready to start adventures here!
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