Latest Obsession: Learning to Crochet

I enjoy learning new things. The thing I struggle with is sticking with the new thing and getting good at it. Either I get bored or I get frustrated, and I eventually quit nearly every new thing I attempt to learn. I’ve wanted to learn to crochet for a while now. I actually know how to knit, but that’s another thing I never really got good at.. Anyway, I’m determined to actually stick with crocheting. So yesterday I picked up some yarn and crochet hooks at Michael’s, and I’ve been searching YouTube for tutorials I can follow. I’ve gotten frustrated a few times, but I’m enjoying it too:). Here’s a sample of what I’m working on.

I think it’s pretty good for a beginner! Here’s the tutorial I used if you’re interested!


About koreanbymarriage

My name is Jennifer. I love to travel. I taught English in Korea for two years, which is where I met my husband, Donghee. We also lived in New Zealand for over a year. Now we are back in the US ready to start adventures here!
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